Interested in getting dental veneers to correct discolored, misshaped, or crooked teeth? You may want to read up on more information in order to understand the features, benefits, and procedures.

Introduction to Veneers

Our dentist in Gillette, WY suggests that veneers are wafer-thin slices of special porcelain that can improve the shape, color, or positioning of a tooth. Veneers are an aesthetic restoration option that works well for patients of all ages. For example, the dentist may recommend veneers to straighten crooked teeth for those who don’t want to wear braces.

Of course, the dentist will recommend the best option after examining the pros and cons of different treatment options. Mountain West Dental in Gillette, WY is happy to offer high-quality veneers near you.

Veneers are a good option for patients who want to:

  • Mask the color of their teeth
  • Correct a misshapen front tooth
  • Straighten crooked teeth that need re-shaping to fit into the dental arch
  • Replace thicker porcelain veneers with a thinner, more aesthetic finish

How Veneers Work for You

You can make an appointment to visit us and tell us what you don’t like about your teeth. We will evaluate your oral cavity and recommend the best solutions for your case.

Also, do keep in mind that what works for one patient may not work for you, and this is why we treat each patient’s requirement is unique. Our dental team uses two ways to try out veneers before we actually fabricate them:

  • We do a direct sculpting of a temporary composite that we place on top of your teeth. This way, you can see how the veneers improve your dental arch.
  • Our dentist in Gillette, WY uses the latest digital technology to create a digital image after taking many pictures of the patient’s oral cavity. We will show you the image in 3D so that you can view a realistic picture of how the veneers would makeover their smile.

Contact Mountain West Dental in Gillette, WY for further details regarding veneers and how they can improve your smile.

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