3D Imaging

Modern dentistry is designed to treat oral health problems more accurately and effectively. At Mountain West Dental, we believe the secret to better oral care is the use of the latest techniques and technology to better assess and treat the mouth. To facilitate patient care and comfort, we now offer cone beam machine 3D imaging from our office in Gillette.

What Is Cone Beam Machine 3D Imaging?

An essential component of receiving good dental care is having access to modern equipment and being able to assess the health of the entire mouth. To better facilitate the work of our Gillette dentist specialists at Mountain West Dental, we utilize the contemporary technology of cone beam machine 3D imaging.

A cone beam machine is a device that creates a 3D model of your mouth and all of its nooks and crannies. It uses medical imaging to determine the proportions and radial spacing of your teeth to create a complete image. These images are more accurate than the 2D x-rays and radiography used by older dental practices.

The Process

Achieving 3D imaging of the mouth sounds complex, but it takes less than 15 seconds. When you visit our office for this treatment, all you need to do is rest your head and bite down on a plastic bit. While you are doing so, the cone beam machine moves around your head, taking pictures and gathering the information necessary to create a 3D model.

3D imaging is done at our office in place of traditional x-rays and requires little to no special preparation. You will be able to see the images afterward to get an idea of what your mouth looks like and how the treatment will affect the overall structure.

The Benefits

The main benefit of cone-beam machine 3D imaging is having a more accurate model of your mouth. Our dentist will be able to determine if you possess any underlying oral issues and can create more accurate models and examples of how the treatment will affect your smile.

How to Receive

Whether you need preventive or restorative care, we are here to help. We utilize cone beam machine 3D imaging at our office near you in Gillette, WY. All you need to do to receive this modern treatment is to schedule a regular appointment with our office during our flexible business hours.

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