Ciara Garrett
Ciara Garrett Registered Dental Hygienist

Ciara is a part-time hygienist who has joined us from Arizona. Ciara is very passionate about the services she provides for her patients and being able to make a difference in an individual’s life is something she truly values. Her compassion and care for others is what drives her. She enjoys working in an active atmosphere that allows her to interact with people. As her patient you can expect phenomenal care, someone who values your time, as well as your health, and someone who can help make decisions with you. She will provide an environment where her patients can learn and improve their smile and overall health.

Ciara enjoys spending time with her husband and son. She loves exploring the outdoors, getting out on a dirt road whenever possible and spending time visiting family in California and Arizona. Some of her hobbies include: crafts, essential oils, and water sports. Ciara enjoys exploring Wyoming and making it her new home.