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SureSmile is the simple, clear way to straighten your teeth without using metal braces. These custom-made aligners are clear and removable. That means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. You can drink and eat whatever you like and floss and brush as normal.

SureSmile Aligners Design Process

  • Our dentist will take/make impressions, pictures, and X-rays of your mouth and teeth to send your records and a script for your plan of treatment to SureSmile.
  • SureSmile will use the records and make 3-D models of your current teeth. SureSmile will follow those instructions that are on your prescription and make your aligner treatment plan.
  • You and your dentist will preview the projected treatment plan designed for you and the results that can be accomplished in a computerized “treatment simulation” of your program.
  • Once you and your dentist have approved the planned treatment, SureSmile will start fabricating your set of custom aligners by the process of digitally molding and mapping the aligners by a computer.
  • Your aligners will be sent to your dentist in Gillette, WY, who will hand them over to you with the instructions on the length of time to wear each of the aligners.


  • You will wear the aligners as your dentist has directed. It will be two or three weeks per each aligner for 22 hours every day. Only take them out to brush and eat.
  • The treatment length will vary per each patient and their teeth. It can take from a few months to a few years, as it all depends on the complexity of your case.
  • The aligners are clear and completely transparent. They are by no means magic, and you might notice them at close range, but only if you know to look for them.
  • SureSmile never treats a patient directly as they are the manufacturers and work from the prescriptions your dentist sends them.
  • Most patients will experience an improvement that is significant when they smile. It is impossible to be able to guarantee what your outcome will be, as every result will vary.
  • To stave off relapse, your dentist will usually give you a retainer to wear that is as discreet and made by SureSmile when your series of treatment is complete.

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