Laser Dentistry

For many people, an appointment at their dentists offices isn’t how they wish to spend their time. Fortunately, thanks to rapidly improving dental technology, laser dentistry has replaced scalpels and drills for many procedures.

Whether it is filling a cavity, whitening teeth or helping shape the soft tissues around teeth, lasers have many benefits for patients and dentists.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Working on teeth with lasers can help many people get over their dental anxiety. These modern instruments can perform many traditional procedures but do them faster and without as much discomfort or bleeding.

By reducing pain and the time spent in a dental chair, our dentists at Mountain West Dental in Gillette, WY can attract and retain more patients Here are some of the other benefits our patients will enjoy.

Natural Tooth Retention

Since lasers can zero in on the damaged area of a tooth to remove it, the precision of the instrument saves more of the natural tooth. Only the areas that need removing get taken out of the tooth to make room for a filling or a restoration like a dental inlay or onlay.

With traditional methods, the tooth may need a crown or other restoration piece to replace the tooth after removing a cavity or other damage.

Anesthesia May Not be Necessary

When using a laser on your teeth or gums, one of our dentists at Mountain West Dental may be able to complete the work without using anesthesia to numb your mouth. Although anesthesia is safe to use, it takes some time to leave the body, which can cause you to miss the rest of the day at work after a dental appointment in Gillette, WY.

Faster Recoveries

The procedures that our dentists use a laser to provide our patients in Gillette with shorter recoveries and faster tissue regrowth. With traditional techniques, it can take weeks for soft tissues and bone to fully heal. However, when our dentists at Mountain West Dental use a laser, that recovery time is greatly reduced.

If you have anxiety about going to your dentist, contact us to consult with our dental staff and learn how we can make you less anxious and more comfortable with laser dentistry.

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