The dental extraction has been a basic component of dentistry since the dawn of time. Sometimes a tooth becomes too damaged or decayed to save, resulting in it needing to be removed in a sterile, professional environment.

At Mountain West Dental, we believe in restorative dentistry and will do everything possible to recover a damaged tooth. However, sometimes having an extraction is necessary to preserve optimal oral health and wellness.

If you are looking for a competent provider of dental extractions in Gillette, WY, look no further than our office. We care about your personal health and strive to make each procedure as comfortable as possible using modern techniques and technology.

What Is an Extraction?

A dental extraction is when a tooth needs to be physically removed from the mouth. It is colloquially known as “having a tooth pulled.” While it is possible for a child to need to have one of their baby teeth removed, the majority of extractions are performed on adults.

There can be several reasons why a patient needs an extraction. These range from physical trauma suffered to the mouth to severe dental infections caused by tooth decay. Whatever the case may be, we strive to be the greatest provider of comfortable dental extractions near you.

The Process

At Mountain West Dental, we keep the process simple and comfortable. The first step is a thorough exam by our dentist, who will determine if there is a way to restore the damaged tooth. If restoration is not possible, then the extraction can proceed.

Because the tooth is connected to the jawbone and goes through layers of soft tissue, your gums will be numbed using a localized anesthetic. Our dentist will then use a specialized pair of pliers to gently dislodge the tooth’s roots from the bone before removal.

If a tooth is impacted underneath the gums, then our dentist will cut through the soft tissue to reach the trapped structure. Once the gums are open, the tooth might need to be broken in several pieces to facilitate extraction. Each one can then be individually removed. The site is sanitized, and the gums are then sealed like before.

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