Dental Implant Restorations

Adults don’t want to lose teeth, but sometimes the inevitable happens, and a patient is left with a gap. In many cases, the patient could wind up losing more than one, leaving multiple gaps or a large chunk of empty space. This can not only reduce an individual’s self-esteem, but also has serious implications for a person’s oral health and wellness.

To solve the problem of missing teeth, many dentists offer dental implants that replace the missing teeth. But what happens when the implant starts to degrade or break? At Mountain West Dental, we offer comprehensive dental implant restorations in Gillette to help our patients maintain optimal oral health and wellness.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a synthetic tooth made of two components: a durable titanium root and a porcelain or composite resin crown. The root is inserted directly into the jawbone and has a screw at the top where the crown can be connected. Together, the two pieces form a complete tooth that can be used as normal.


Unfortunately, implants can break or start to degrade over time. When this occurs, our specialist takes a look at your implant while you remain comfortable in our office. You receive a thorough visual and tactile exam to determine whether or not a piece of the implant needs to be replaced, or if the entire structure needs to be removed.

If you need a complete implant replacement, we sedate you and remove the implant during a single visit. A new one is then placed and allowed to heal so you can bite, eat, and chew like normal.

Who Needs Restoration?

At Mountain West Dental, we strive to offer the best dental implant restorations near you. However, we also focus on preventive care and want to help you avoid unneeded restorative treatment. To ensure the health of your implant, receive regular cleanings and exams and avoiding biting down on hard substances like ice cubes or nuts.

The individuals who will most often need restoration are those who suffer from bruxism or the unconscious grinding and clenching of the teeth. If you fear this might be a concern of yours, consider visiting us for an exam and treatment to preserve your implants.

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