Knowing When You Need An Emergency Dental Care

Knowing When You Need An Emergency Dental Care

Mar 07, 2022

Anyone can experience a dental emergency at any time as emergencies are incidences that occur outside our control. However, some people might not know what qualifies for a dental emergency and what doesn’t. Even when we know what an emergency is, we also need to know what to do. Please read further to learn how to identify these situations and what to do about them.

What Are Dental Emergencies?

Dental emergencies are those situations that require urgent dental care. Dentists in charge of emergency dental issues are emergency dentists. An emergency dentist makes sure to stop the emergency dental problem before the person gets proper dental treatment. For instance, if an emergency patient is suffering from a severe toothache, the emergency dentist can provide pain relief medications before moving on to the next line of action. In other words, emergency dentists sometimes only intervene to prevent a worse outcome.

What Kind Of Dental Problem Requires Emergency Dental Care?

If you develop the following dental problems, you should see an emergency dentist in Gillette, WY immediately:

  • Bleeding Or Severe Pain After Tooth Extraction:

Tooth extraction involves the removal of a damaged or decayed tooth. It is a simple dental procedure. However, complications might arise after the procedure. If you continue to bleed for more than an hour after getting a tooth extraction, see an emergency dentist near you immediately. Before getting to your dentist, try to apply pressure on the area by placing a big gauze pad to stop or control the bleeding.

  • Damaged Orthodontics:

Orthodontic treatments are for people will poorly aligned teeth. Braces are the most common example. If you use braces and get damaged, you have to get them fixed urgently because damaged braces can become a problem. Since braces are metal materials and wires, some people often find it challenging to use them. In cases where the braces become impaired, the iron wires can cause irritations and bruises around your cheek when you’re eating or talking. It would also make the braces less effective in straightening your teeth. Don’t push or remove the wires yourself if your braces get damaged. Instead, try to see your dentist immediately to avoid worse dental problems.

  •   Broken, Cracked, or Chipped Teeth:

Whenever this happens, the dentist is mainly concerned about saving the tooth. However, if the patient doesn’t see the emergency dentist within the appropriate time, that might be hard to achieve. You should visit a dentist near you if you crack or chip your teeth.

  •   Serious Toothache:

A severe toothache can be very disturbing and painful. All the patient wants is a relief, especially if all efforts to treat the pain with pain relief drugs have proved vain. The emergency dentist would check what is causing the toothache by conducting a dental examination on the patient. After the dental examination, the emergency dentist would know what action to take next. The patient might end up needing root canal therapy or tooth extraction.

  •   Knocked Off Tooth:

Several reasons can cause a person’s tooth to fall off suddenly, and contact sports are prominent. That is why athletes should wear protective mouth guards during sports. Losing your permanent teeth does not only cause you physical pain; it can destabilize your dental structure as well. No one loves to misplace their tooth, especially in a visible area. One primary reason why you should call an emergency dentist immediately after losing your tooth is that there are chances that the tooth can be saved and attached back to its socket.

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Remember, time is an essential tool when it comes to dental emergencies. Contacting our emergency dentist in Gillette, WY, on time can save you from worst-case scenarios.