Benefits of Teeth Bonding

October 1, 2020

Teeth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves the dentist directly applying resin to a patient’s tooth to fix flaws. The resin material used matches your teeth’s natural sheen. Your dentist will apply the resin until it dries out. To cement it onto the enamel, they use ultraviolet light. People with discolored, chipped o cracked teeth could benefit from this cosmetic dental procedure. Why is dental bonding a popular treatment option?


With this procedure, your tooth structure remains intact. This is because unlike other cosmetic dental procedures like dental crowns and veneers, dental bonding does not require removing portions of your tooth enamel. When your teeth are being prepared for veneers, bits of the enamel are removed so your teeth don’t appear bulky after being fitted with these restorations. For dental crowns, the invasion is even more for the restoration to properly fit over your teeth. This is the reason why most patients opt for teeth bonding: it doesn’t interfere with their tooth structure.


Imagine making numerous appointments to the dentist just to have a single cosmetic procedure doe. You’d be drained. This isn’t the case with dental bonding as it could be a same-day procedure. With dental bonding, you do not have to wait days for your restoration to be manufactured in a lab. Our dentist at Mountain West Dental just applies resin to your teeth and it’s done!

In the case of crowns and veneers, you will need two trips that are widely-spaced. The waiting period is therefore long and it will be weeks before you can wear your smile with confidence.

3.Doesn’t require Anesthesia

As mentioned earlier, this is a non-invasive procedure and therefore there is no need for patients to be administered with anesthesia or pain relievers. We however understand that every patient is different. If you are uncomfortable during teeth bonding, ask your dentist for local anesthesia.


If you are operating on a tight budget but still want to get a brighter and healthier smile, dental bonding can fix your flaws at a lesser cost compared to crowns or veneers. The dental bonding cost will vary according to the extent of the damage.

5.A solid Alternative to Amalgam Fillings

Dental bonding uses resin material and the result is added strength and durability to weakened teeth. Silver amalgam is easily noticeable when applied therefore making you conscious. Dental bonding on the other hand bears a close resemblance to your natural teeth and will be invisible even to the keenest eye.


From discolored to unevenly spaced and misshapen teeth, dental bonding can fix a magnitude of dental flaws. It also conceals cracks and minor chips that could result from injuries or accidents. You can also use it on decayed teeth.

How Long Does Teeth Bonding Last?

When properly taken care of, dental bonding can last for long. It is cemented into place by a mere adhesive, so it could easily come off. Also, it is made of resin and therefore susceptible to staining and discoloration. Furthermore, its location on the surface makes it easy for them to be dislodged with a forceful bite. Although not as durable as veneers, dental bonding could serve you for up to ten years. How do you extend their lifespan? First, avoid consuming hard foods like ice cubes and candies. You should also stop teeth grinding and biting your nails or pens. While at it, ensure you maintain good oral hygiene for lasting results.

Dental Bonding vs. Veneers

Although they seem similar in several ways, dental veneers and dental bonding are two different procedures. While veneers are a permanent solution, dental bonding is temporary. Also, veneers involve removing a part of your natural tooth while dental bonding lets you retain your tooth structure. It is also worth mentioning that while veneers only serve to improve the appearance of your tooth’s front, dental bonding protects the whole tooth. This way, it is a better solution.

Get Dental Bonding Today

If you are in Gillette, Wyoming, and need a dentist near you, come visit us at Mountain West Dental. Our dentist will explain the dental bonding procedure to you before booking in. they may also show you dental bonding before and after pictures to give you a peek at what to expect. Ready to book an appointment? Call us.

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